• The Latest News from Conco (Second Quarter 2019)

    Successful Hydrodrill™ and NitroLance™ jobs, a new facility in Louisiana, a celebration of our longtime employees, a safety award, an upcoming webinar & more are discussed in this newsletter.

  • The Latest News from Conco (First Quarter 2019)

    Find out about Conco's 2018 TRIR & New Safety Awareness Program, a successful job in Colombia, the winners of the TOP GUN & MAVERICK Awards, the continued growth of the industrial division and much more...

  • The Latest News from Conco (Third Quarter 2018)

    This newsletter discusses a successful job at Elk River, the completion of the 4-year Stanwell Retube project, the growth of Conco's Industrial Division, the 2018 International Expo as well as new faces, Conco promotions and other news.

  • The Latest News from Conco (1st Quarter of 2018)

    Conco prepares for growth in 2018, has a record sales month, awards top sellers and distinguished customers and more in this 1st quarter newsletter. 

  • The Latest News from Conco (4th Quarter of 2017)

    Conco acquires two new eddy current testing robots, celebrates a name change to German subsidiary, announces The Total Heat Exchanger Performance Workshop in New Castle, Australia and more...

  • The Latest News from Conco (2nd & 3rd Quarters of 2017)

    Conco’s 2017 2nd & 3rd Quarter Newsletter discusses successful cleaning jobs in the US during the spring and summer seasons, a leak detection webinar and leak detection training efforts, the completion of phase 3 of the Stanwell retubing project in Queensland, Australia, as well as Conco employee promotions, a tradeshow schedule, recent presentations and more.

  • Conco Services Corporation 1st Quarter 2017 Newsletter

    Conco Texas Industrial Division moves into a larger facility at 3201 Awesome Lane in LaPorte, TX.  Conco earns two safety awards, manufactures inserts and explores opportunites in Mexico.

  • Conco Services Corporation 2016 Forth Quarter Newsletter

    In this 4th Quarter wrap-up of 2016, new services and employee promotions are announced.  Links are available to provide valuable information on tube cleaning, leak detection, ECT and tube plugging, and our manufacturing division is highlighted. 

  • Conco Services Corporation 2016 Third Quarter Newsletter

    The 2016 Conco 3rd Quarter Newsletter announces Conco’s acquisition of Gogolok IndustrieService GmbH, provides links to recent presentations and webcasts, wraps up several events and trade shows and provides introductions to some valuable members of the Conco team.